Axiom-1 “Houston, we are heading home”

April 25

With what started out as a ten-day drip to orbit, with eight of those days to be spent inside the International Space Station the Crew of the Axiom-1 mission has been stranded in space for over fifteen days. similar to Gilligan and his three-hour tour, the weather started getting rough, though, the tiny ship, or Crew Dragon was not tossed. Teams waved off the attempt to bring the crew home several times, adding a number of days to the mission. Sure, they weren’t stranded on a deserted island, but I highly doubt anyone complained about a few extra days in space.

Ax1 pilot Larry Connor observing Earth. Photo courtesy of Axiom Space

Axiom-1 which is funded by the Houston based Axiom Space company, has no finally left the space station after seventeen days. Bad weather at the landing sites have delayed this departure and pushed the Crew-4 mission back along with it. Crew Dragon Endeavour and its four crew members undocked from the station at 9:10 pm E.T. last night (April 24) and are currently targeting splashdown off the Florida coast today, Monday April 25th around 1:06 pm E.T.

Sharing space with the members of Crew-3, and Expedition 67, the four men of the first all private crew to the space station made the stations capacity rise to eleven human beings total on board the ISS. During their time aboard the crew of Ax1 completed over twenty-five experiments for partner organizations including the Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, and the Ramon Foundation. They’re also returning with almost two-hundred pounds of research and science, which includes some NASA projects as well.