Dynetics Joins Blue Origin In The Protest Against The HLS Award

Credit: Dynetics

On Monday, Blue Origin filed a protest against NASA concerning the Human Landing System contract (HLS).  NASA chose SpaceX, but Dynetics and Blue Origin feel that they should be chosen for the contract.  Now Dynetics has joined Blue Origin in filing a protest with the GAO office against NASA.

Unlike Blue Origin, Dynetics did not state a specific reason for the protest. Blue Origin said in a statement on Tuesday that they believe that choosing SpaceX for the HLS contract will endanger America’s return to the moon. Kathy Lueders said in a statement that the Dynetic lunar lander suffered from a number of serious drawbacks. In the past, there have been incidents with NASA’s contracts. Space X and Boeing were given the commercial crew contract and in 2014 The Sierra Nevada Corporation did the same thing Blue Origin and Dynetics are doing. They filed a protest with the GAO to challenge the decision. The GAO dismissed the matter a few weeks after they filed the protest. It is unknown if these two companies will succeed with the protest. This is a developing story. To stay up to date with this story be sure to check https://nexthorizonsspaceflight.com.

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