Crew-2, Arrival at International Space Station

Photo Credit: NASA/SpaceX

April 24th, 5:08 AM Edt. 250 miles above Earth at the International Space Station

At 5:08 AM Edt, SpaceX Crew Dragon “Endeavor” was given the okay to leave it’s holding position about sixty-five feet directly ahead of the Space Station at Waypoint 2. Kimbrough confirmed “Go for final push” and the Dragon moved slightly closer until the hooks in the docking mechanism were driven to close and lock the Crew Dragon capsule into place, creating the airtight seal making it safe for the hatch to be opened. ISS (International Space Station) commander Shannon Walker stated over the radio, “Welcome to ISS, we are so excited to have you aboard.”

All eleven astronauts now aboard the international Space Station. Photo credit: NASA

From the moment of docking to the actual hatching opening took about two hours as that’s the time it takes to complete leak checks, and pressurize the vestibule between the Crew Dragon and Space Station. Then at 6:58 AM Edt the hatch between the two was opened and the ISS crew waited just outside the forward docking adapter to welcome Crew-2 aboard. At 7:44 AM Edt The Crew-2 zero G indicator, GuinGuin the penguin was the first to float through the hatch followed by Kimbrough and his three crewmates floated through the hatch to a crowd of hugs and handshakes as the crews joined and Space Station gained four more humans, making eleven total now aboard.

Shortly after 8:00 Am Edt the welcome ceremony complete, the astronauts of Crew-2 will now get a traditional post docking briefing to get them familiar with emergency procedures before slowing down a busy day.