SpaceX reaches fifth Starlink launch of the year

Sunday February 12 at 12:10 am from SLC-40 at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station

With another launch in the wee hours of the morning SpaceX has sent up another fifty-five Starlink satellites today with lift off occurring at 12:10 am E.T. this morning. Marking the 203rd Falcon 9 launch, and the 138th Falcon 9 flight with a flight proven booster the company is well on their way to the projected 90+ launches they are targeting this year.

B1062, the booster used on this morning’s flight has now flown twelve missions successfully for SpaceX with its flight service beginning in 2020. With a slow start and 224 days in between its first and second mission it has now become one of the top flown boosters in the fleet. It’s also most notable for flying two crewed missions, the Inspiration 4 crew and the Axiom-1 crew to the International Space Station.

Marking the seventy-first operational Starlink mission it is thought to be another test mission of the Starlink generation 2 spacecraft. Also, despite the name 5-2 it is not going into the previously filled Starlink Shell 5, but instead a polar low Earth orbit at a 43-degree orbit at 530 km. These satellites should also help pave the way for them to begin using the proper Starlink v2 which should soon start with the Starlink Group 6-1 mission. Today’s mission also boosts the total number of Starlink satellites launched up to 3,930 with 3,638 still in orbit around our Earth.