Crew-3 Delayed Again

Now targeting November 6th, at 11:36 PM Est

Cape Canaveral, Fl.

The flight of four astronauts to the International Space Station is delayed once again, this time due to a minor medical issue with one of the crew members. NASA has stated the issue is not a medical emergency and not a Covid-19 related incident. The astronauts will remain in quarantine at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center while they continue to prepare for their flight.

At this point the launch is targeting November 6th at 11:36 PM Est for their earliest opportunity. That however does bring weather back into play. The flight was originally delayed from Oct 31st to Wednesday November 3rd because of four weather along the ascent recovery corridor. With the nature of this launch these corridors are essential in case the crew has to make an emergency egress from the top of their Falcon 9 rocket. The forecast for this Saturday (Nov. 6th) is looking questionable on several areas of importance for the launch. Until we hear other we will keep tracking the launch of Crew-3 for November 6th at 11:36 PM Est.