Virgin Galactic Sends Six to Space

July 11th

The Space race between billionaires Jeff Bezos and Sir Richard Branson has ended today with Branson’s company Virgin Galactic sending him along with a few others to space aboard their Spaceship Unity II. I guess that’s why you don’t go to space war with people who’ve been knighted by the Queen of England, they might just know a thing or two. The man has also kite surfed across the English Channer, taken a hot air balloon across the Atlantic Ocean, just to name two of his accomplishments. That’s not including any of the business’s he has started which make him worth roughly 4.9 Billion dollars today either. One thing he had always wanted to do, go to space was achieved today. “Space has always fascinated me,” Branson, explains. “As a young boy, looking up at the stars, I found it impossible to resist thinking what was out there and if I ever would experience space first-hand.”

Around 10:30 AM Est the VMS Eve with the Unity II spacecraft attached to its belly took off from Spaceport America in New Mexico with the Billionaire and three other members of his team. For close to an hour the plane circled, climbing higher and higher into our atmosphere, then reaching 45,000ft the crew completed brief safety checks before the crew of the VMS Eve released its hold on the Unity II where Branson and the others where strapped in. Once released pilots David mackay and Michael masucci ignited the hybrid rocket motor which threw everyone back into their seats as the now rocket began its ascent to the heavens. Rubberized solid propellant with liquid nitrous oxide, Unity II’s motor fired for just over a minute, which seems a short duration but brought the spacecraft to over Mach 3. That’s three times the speed of sound before that motor shut off. Even after shut off the spaceplane continued upward with its ballistic trajectory. This is when

Along with two pilots in the front these six humans travelled over Mach 3 and climbed more that fifty-three miles off the Earth’s crust. For about three minutes the crew floated weightless in microgravity while enjoying the view of Earth from high above. Then they plunged back down to land safely from the runway they departed from.