Dogecoin To the Moon…Literally

The 10th flight of a Falcon 9. Photo by: Zac Shaul – NHS

Sunday May 9th, 2021

SpaceX CEO & Founder, Elon Musk who yesterday on Saturday Night Live referred to himself as “the Dogefather” has decided his company will accept Dogecoin as a form of payment for an upcoming satellite launch dubbed DOGE-1. This mission will literally be sending DOGE-1 to the Moon as the company Geometric Energy Corporation is building a cubesat meant to acquire lunar-spatial intelligence using it’s onboard cameras and sensors. If we assume all goes according to plan, the crypto currency will help send the mission to the Moon in the first quarter of 2022. The news comes just a day after Musk appeared on the television show where many were expecting Dogecoin to reach one dollar, but instead during a skit Elon stated that Doge was a hustle and the stock immediately tanked afterwards reaching as low as .40 cents.

Dogecoin, which started out as a funny meme on the internet and then turned into a true cryptocurrency has been drastically rising in value lately, partly due to the SpaceX founder hyping the currency on his twitter account. So much in fact that it has lead to crashes on the Robinhood trading app. A running tagline if you will for Doge is “To the Moon” meaning they are going to send the coin’s value to the Moon.

DOGE-1 will be a 40 kilogram cube satellite payload which will launch on board a Falcon 9 rocket has the SpaceX vice president of commercial says Tom Ochinero saying this about the mission, “DOGE-1 will demonstrate the application of cryptocurrency beyond Earth’s orbit and set the foundation for interplanetary commerce.” ” We are excited to launch DOGE-1 to the Moon!” he added. Today’s announcement also follows a historic moment for the company as early this morning they set a new record for the Falcon 9 rocket with launching the same first stage booster for the tenth time. A benchmark Musk previously described as the key in the company’s progress of reusing its rockets.