SXM-7 Satellite Experiences Partial Failure

SXM-7 inside Payload Fairing. Photo by: Kyle Montgomery – NHS

In December we saw SpaceX successfully launch SXM-7 into orbit on their Falcon 9 rocket launched from SLC-40. In an SEC filing today, SiriusXM announced that during orbit testing “events occurred” which led to the failure of some units in the SXM-7 satellite built by Maxar Technologies. The exact circumstances leading to the failure have not been shared with the public; and SiriusXM is currently investigating the full extent of the damage.

They did share that no service interruption is expected for their customers, as they already have a spare satellite, XM-5, in orbit and they are preparing the launch of their next satellite, SXM-8, later this year. As is standard practice in the aerospace industry, the satellite is insured, in this case for $225 million.

We will update this article as more information becomes available.

SXM-7 takes flight. Photo by: Kyle Montgomery – NHS