Mighty Mice, Dragon Return to Earth

On Tuesday, Jan. 7, the Dragon CRS-19 which had been docked to the ISS since Dec. 8, 2019. The Commercial Resupply Mission sent 5700 lbs of NASA supplies to the station including the “might mice” bone and muscle loss experiment, and the Budweiser “space beer” experiment to see how barley seeds grow in microgravity.

CRS-19 was launched on Dec. 5 and berthed to ISS on the 8th. This was the third resupply mission for this spacecraft. The capsule was released from the station at 5:05 am EST and landed in the Pacific at 10:41 am EST. SpaceX announced the successful landing in a Tweet shortly after.

They also Tweeted photos of the capsule onboard the recovery ship.

Our California photographer, Justin Hartney, was at the pier waiting and caught some excellent pictures of the return to port.