Dragon Berthed to ISS

At 7:47am EST on Sunday, the SpaceX Dragon cargo capsule was berthed to the International Space Station, following a 3-day trip since launch.

You may have heard we had a launch this week. Not only are we typically quite vocal about launches, but this was a CRS mission for NASA. Not to mention we had two members of our team attending the NASA Social (Stephen Marr and Steven Keagle).

The SpaceX Falcon 9 lifted off on Thursday at 12:30pm EST, following a scrub on Wednesday due to upper level winds. Dragon was carrying about 5,700 pounds of science and supplies, including those Mighty Mice we talked about a few days ago.

Dragon will spend about 30 days attached to the Earth-facing Harmony module, after which it will be detached and sent home, bring the Mighty Mice with it, along with anything not needed on Station.

Falcon 9 Returns

Crowds gather on the pier at Jetty Park to witness Falcon 9’s return

After launch and stage separation, the brand new Falcon 9 first stage performed a successful landing on the droneship, Of Course I Still Love You. The landing was followed by a 2-day trip back to Port Canaveral, where it is currently be prepped for transportation into the Air Force Station. It will most likely be used again on a future mission, but we’ll have to wait to see which one.