SpaceX Set to Launch First Operational Starlink Satellites

You can feel the excitement here on the Space Coast. Finally, after three months of waiting, we will finally see the launch drought come to an end.

Remote cameras are down, and Falcon 9 is going vertical as I type this. Monday morning will see the first operational batch of 60 Starlink satellites lift off from SLC-40 during an 11-minute launch window beginning at 9:51am EST.

According to SpaceX, once they have 6 Starlink launches behind them, they will be able to begin limited coverage. Global coverage can begin after 24 launches.

This will be the first time a Falcon 9 booster has flown for a fourth time, the first time a fairing has been reused, and the first attempt at catching both fairing halves. You don’t want to miss this one!

See a clip of the previous flights of this booster in this tweet from SpaceX:

Tune in to the live webcast on the SpaceX YouTube channel starting about 15 minutes prior to launch. Or, if you’re on the Space Coast, just look up!