United Launch Alliance

was created through a joint venture between Boeing and Lockheed Martin in 2005. ULA currently launches Altas V and Delta IV rockets; but is moving to replace both with their latest- the Vulcan Centaur.

Altas V

Atlas V rocket lift off for NROL-101 mission. Photo by Derek Wise

Delta IV Heavy

Delta IV Heavy takes flight for NROL-44 mission. Photo by Derek Wise

Vulcan Centaur

Vulcan Centaur Pathfinder arrives in Cape Canaveral. Photo by Kyle Montgomery

One Minute Off Mars

Photo credit: JPL-CALTECH/NASA April 19th, 2021- NASA’s Ingenuity rover makes first flight, lifting off Mars for the first time. For over six years, NASA has been working on bringing Ingenuity’s flight on Mars a reality. The helicopter is 1.6ft tall, has four legs and a fuselage, pretty basic but all that’s needed. Inside the fuselage…

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Delta IV Heavy lifts off ending the ULA year in stunning fashion.

8:09 PM EST NROL-44 departs atop a Delta IV Heavy from LC-37 at Canaveral Space Force Station After eight scheduled launch dates listed officially by ULA (United Launch Alliance) one of the few Delta IV Heavy rockets remaining has lifted off the pad and sent it’s top secret payload into orbit. Excitingly this is also…

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