United Launch Alliance

was created through a joint venture between Boeing and Lockheed Martin in 2005. ULA currently launches Altas V and Delta IV rockets; but is moving to replace both with their latest- the Vulcan Centaur.

Altas V

Atlas V rocket lift off for NROL-101 mission. Photo by Matt Cutshall

Delta IV Heavy

Delta IV Heavy takes flight for NROL-44 mission. Photo by Matt Cutshall

Vulcan Centaur

Vulcan Centaur Pathfinder arrives in Cape Canaveral. Photo by Kyle Montgomery

ULA Launches First Atlas V of the year

Lift off. Photo by: Kyle Montgomery – NHS May 18th, 1:31 PM Est from SCL-41 at Canaveral Space Force Station With the delay of Boeing’s OFT-2 mission where it will retest it’s Starliner crew capsule on a trip to the ISS (International Space Station) it has caused back ups with other launches for the company…

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United Launch Alliance and Amazon?

Today United Launch Alliance announced in a press release that Amazon has secured nine launches on ULA’s Atlas V rocket. The project is known as Project Kuiper and it will launch 3,236 advanced satellites into low earth orbit. The plan for these satellites is to increase global broadband access.The satellites will launch on the Atlas…

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